(Solved): Discuss, using examples, why companies decide to enter international joint ventures rather than embark on alternative strategies such as FDI. Your essay should make clear the advantages and disadvantages of the joint venture option.

Here attached my lecture slides. I want the assignment involves a introduction of ‘nowadays, international business becomes a dominant trends, many different ways to do business in foreign market, then introduce International Joint Venture (IJV), after that it should has a comparison among different types, such as other mode like FDI, Exporting, Licensing, just a brief.’ Then focus on IJV, to show the motives of firms to do IJV strategy, this can be shown in both internal factors and external factors, and then the main body should talk about the key advantages and disadvantages of IJV separately and clearly. Next, based on the disadvantages of IJV can also bring some degree of risks, so partner selection is important when considering do IJV, so talk about how to select a partner and the criteria (this can be seen in lecture slides, but need be explored). After that, the essay can conclude if the firms want to do IJV successfully, the things they should consider highly, and the risk should be mitigated, and then to measure a IJV performance in order to know how well it performs. After conclusion, coming to Reference, it should be written in Harvard referencing style. Total word limits is 2500 without reference list but include in-text reference.

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